Master Origin Nicaragua


Nespresso Master Origin Nicaragua
Master Origin Nicaragua with ‘Black-Honey’ processed Arabica is a nectarous coffee – it has a satiny smooth texture and warming sweet cereal notes with an intensity of 5


Master Origin

Master Origin Nicaragua

10 Nicaragua Coffee pods| Intensity 5

Nicarguan Coffee Pods : SWEET AND HARMONIOUS

Master Origin Nicaragua with Black Honey processed arabica is a nectarous coffee – it has a satiny smooth texture and warming sweet cereal notes. Its distinct sweetness comes from the rare Black Honey process.

If Black Honey processing were the easy road to a nectarous coffee, they’d all do it. But only a few farmers dare. It’s a rare process because it calls for meticulous monitoring.

If you like it with milk froth, Nicaragua coffee capsules with ‘Black-Honey’ processed Arabica makes a rich latte macchiato. As a coffee with milk, it’s balanced and has nutty, roasted notes that surface.

With its velvety body, sweet and sour notes, Master Origin Nicaragua knows how to stay authentic using additional ingredients – here honey – to gently enhance its flavor.

As for its finish, it’s salty and woody, leaving you with an overall highly enjoyable coffee experience making Nicaragua one of our go-to-everyday-capsules.

Make Affogato coffee using Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Coffee Capsules for Nespresso Original system. 

*Best for Espresso and Lungo*

Nespresso Master Origin Nicaragua Coffee 10 Capsules | Nespresso Coffee Capsules/Pods … Late nights, deadlines to meet, a good cup of coffee can make you feel energetic and productive.
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