De’Longhi Specialista Prestigio, Barista Pump Espresso Machine, EC9355.M

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La Specialista Prestigio is a beautifully designed coffee machine that allows you to handcraft consistently great espresso-based coffee beverages from the comfort of your home. Experiment to find your personal taste, controlling your grind, dose and temperature to extract the optimum flavours from your beans and finishing with silky smooth milk foam. Choose a refined experience with uncompromising quality for your barista quality coffee at home.



  •  Sensor Grinding Technology ensures the grind is consistent, regardless of the dose setting
  •  Smart tamping station delivers a consistent tamp pressure and even level
  • Dynamic Pre-infusion matches the infusion to the grind setting for an optimal extraction
  • MyLatte Art steam wand, perfect to texture silky smooth microfoam and practising Latte art creations


De’Longhi La Specialista Prestigio

The confidence to craft your taste

La Specialista Prestigio offers an indulgent coffee experience, tailored to your personal taste. From getting the best out of your favourite beans to experimenting with latte art creations, La Specialista Prestigio has been designed to give coffee lovers the craft of perfect coffee, every time.

Precision control | Flavour control| Optimal extraction| Authentic milk creations | Simple and intuitive

The advanced grinder is equipped with two sensors to deliver a consistent and optimal coffee dose. The pre-infusion length adapts to the density of the dose to ensure an evenly wet surface. Temperature stability when brewing. 3 temperatures to bring out the full flavor of your beans.

Take full control of your coffee craft: select the coffee dose and choose the infusion temperature

Manually textures milk for ideal microfoam and an authentic barista experience.

Beverage variety| For your unique taste

With 3 pre-set recipes and the MyMenu function, making your favourite coffee has never been so easy.

About this item

  • SENSOR GRINDING TECHNOLOGY The advanced grinder is equipped with two sensors to deliver a consistent coffee dose. With grind settings to manage different types of coffee beans
  • SMART TAMPING STATION Craftsmanship becomes smart technology: just activate the lever to tamp the dose with the right pressure, without mistakes or messes. Everything happens inside the machine
  • ACTIVE TEMPERATURE CONTROL The high-performance Thermoblock ensures ideal temperature for coffee brewing. The temperature profiles bring out the full flavour of your beans
  • DYNAMIC PRE-INFUSION Dynamic function with varying pre-infusion time depending on the density of the coffee dose to ensure the entire surface is evenly and gently soaked for the best extraction
  • MY LATTE ART A dedicated heating system for milk preparation ensures great steam performance. For the barista experience, you can manually texture milk using the My LatteArt steam wand
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