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My World of Coffee


Prep Techniques

Basics for a great cup of coffee… Few Tips…
The Equipment: All equipment from bean to grinder to coffee makers are thoroughly cleaned after each use. No coffee grounds left; no build of coffee oil otherwise rough taste would come up in a cup of coffee.
The Beans: For having the best cup of coffee, most essential thing: Fresh and quality beans. Do check country and region of origin, variety of Beans, Roast and Grind. Buy coffee in small quantity. Always Grind beans as close to the brew time as possible for maximum freshness. Size of the Grind is hugely important to the taste of your coffee.
Water: Use Filtered or bottled water. Avoid distilled or softened water. Coffee need to be brew with water heated between 195F-205F for optimal extraction. Cold water- flat, under extracted. Too Hot water- quality loss. If you are brewing coffee manually, allow the water to cool down for a minute after full boil before pouring it over the ground.
Coffee- Water Ratio: Golden Rule: One tsp to two tsp of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. Adjust to individual taste preferences.

Coffee is a very personal- the right way to make it is how you like it best. Everyone is different, so does his taste. My perfect cup of coffee is surely different from yours. Preparing and enjoying a great cup of coffee is a pleasure in itself.
Keep Experimenting is a path to find your perfect cup of coffee.

Store Coffee in airtight container, away from dust, moisture, too cold or too hot areas.
Brewing Time
Cold Brew: 12 min
Drip System: 5 min
Espresso: 20-30 sec
French Press: 2-4 min
Your Grind 
Espresso- Very Fine Grind
Aeropress- Fine Grind
Small Pourover- Fine to Coasre
Large Pourover- Coarse Grind
French Press- Very Coarse


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